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Our New Buena Onda Model

Kevin KennedyComment
Ilana on the Beach

We would like to introduce our newest Buena Onda model, Ilana Brown!  Ilana is from New York and happened to be visiting Colombia when we were doing our photoshoot.  Below you can read her first hand account of taking great photos for Buena Onda.  

"I ended up hanging out with Kevin all day, modeling his clothes on the beach. I’ve never modeled before and I don’t know that I’ll get the opportunity again, but wow. What an experience. I was not just randomly modeling in a weird way. I was in handmade local clothes that we bought from a local family, laying on the beautiful beach of palomino. I was beside myself at that moment. I was running in the ocean, sitting in the jungle, I was climbing on trees, laying in the sand, my hair was in it’s own world completely, no makeup, no nothing. I don’t know how I looked, but I felt beautiful. The situation, the scenery, the waves and sounds, the Mosquitos and frizzy hair, all of it was just incredible."

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Ilana in the jungle
Ilana on the beach