New Dog Collars Are Here!

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We are excited to announce we have new dog collars just in time for autumn.  Because each one of our dog collars is handmade and one of a kind, we only make a small batch for each season.  If you are interested please check out our shop!  Each dog collar is crafted by the Wayuu People of Colombia, which is why each design is unique.  The best part is each collar comes with a matching bracelet, so you can look just as good as your best friend!  

Kaaboo Festival...Dark Horse Collaboration

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Buena Onda had the great privilege of partnering up with Dark Horse Wine at Kaaboo Festival in Del Mar, California. It was the best way to end a great festival season and to bring awareness to the Wayuu people of Colombia through a partnership with Dark Horse Wine. The hand made bracelets were selling so well, we had to re-stock multiple times. In the last three festivals, the crowed at Kaaboo and their receptiveness toward Buena Onda was the best. 

Day-N-Night...Our First Hip Hop Festival!

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On the West Coast Festival Tour, Buena Onda had the opportunity to set up venue at the Day-N-Night Festival in Anaheim, California at Angel Stadium. This was a Hip Hop Festival and the first one of its kind that Buena Onda has done. The colorful Mochilas and Moroccan Bags definitely stood out amongst the majority of vendors at Day-N-Night. The Buena Onda Lifestyle Brand was accepted very well at this festival . Not to mention we did a bag give away for the attendees that followed Buena Onda on Instagram (and we just picked a winner!).   

Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle

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Bumbershoot Festival is a festival that has been going on for about four decades and is the first music festival for Buena Onda on the West Coast Tour. The Venue in Seattle was one of the best set ups that Buena Onda has had, but it was definitely one of the more difficult due to the demographic of the crowed. However, there is always a silver lining, and the connections made at this festival will hopefully prove to be beneficial.

Hanging in Lincoln, Nebraska

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In between one festival and another we stopped in Lincoln, Nebraska.   On the next Buena Onda stopped by the Beer Fest at "The Bay", which includes a skatepark and a clothing store. They also support the non-profit organization "Skate for Change" (SFC), which is dedicated to youth empowerment and helping communities through action.


This Café has a charming atmosphere and probably the best coffee you can find around Lincoln.  Make sure to visit!  We thought it was the perfect setting for our one of a kind Buena Onda Mochilas. 

New Buena Onda Shirts!

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Alan is hard at work on the printing press. 

Alan is hard at work on the printing press. 

 After finishing up Memphis in May we hit the road to Little Rock Arkansas to work on some new products.  We met up with our good buddies at Country Deep to print new Buena Onda shirts.  Check them out now on our Instagram!  And be sure to look for all our handmade colombian products at all major music festivals this summer.

Neons are back! 

Neons are back! 

New Adventures

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Buena Onda is always on the search for new artisans to collaborate with, but it isn't always easy.  We want to make sure that our work is having an impact on the community of artisans as well as the individuals who purchase our products.  


Most recently our search took us to Morocco for new and exciting leather products handmade by the local Moroccan Berbers.    To learn more join our mailing list!

New Moroccan Products

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We have decided to take a step towards adding new artisans in different countries.  So we are proud to reveal our new partnership with Moroccan artisans.  These products are completely hand made but are made using leather unlike the Wayuu People that only work with cotton.  The products will be up online soon so be sure to check back this week! 

The streets of Chefchaouen. 

The streets of Chefchaouen. 

Handmade Buena Onda Guitar Straps

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Buena Onda has the coolest guitar straps on the market.  They are completely handmade and fair-trade.  Thanks to the amazing artisans at Buena Onda all of our straps are completely one of a kind.  The leather attachments are added later on at our headquarters in North Platte, Nebraska.

We would also like to give a special shout out to Kevin Kennedy iii for modeling this guitar strap for the Buena Onda.  You can hear his music online or watch his videos at www.youtube.com/kevstalent.

Buena Onda is in the Spotlight

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Kevin Kennedy iii just released his fourth music video single, Heat of Alabama, from my debut album Umami. The song was recorded in at the Brewery Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY.  Heat of Alabama is a beachy mix of country story telling and hip hop beats which lyrically take place at the Gulf Shore. 

The music video was shot at the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL during the 2015 and 2016 events. I am also an advocate for the Buena Onda company (www.thebuenaonda.com) which uses social enterprise to bring love, community ties, and empowerment to the Wayuu People of Colombia. In the video you can see a large assortment of Wayuu products, plus you get a sneak peek on what it takes to run a merchandise booth at a festival. Buena Onda actually sold at over 9 major music festivals across the USA this year so this video was a perfect opportunity to spotlight the brand.   

Autumn is Here

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Autumn is here, so you know what that means?  Scarves and fanny packs brought to you by Buena Onda!  This year we have a wide selection of different styles and colors for you to choose.  Are you dreading having to lug around a large bag this fall?  Don't worry we have you covered just check out our awesome fanny packs that we have made in collaboration with the Beau and Ro company.  

Molly Varner in Buena Onda

Amelia's Wayuu Mochila

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Let's do something fun here!  Amelia is explaining the significance of this Wayuu Mochila.  Normally, we would translate this for you, but today we want to allow our supporters to translate it.  The best part is:  The first person to share and comment on this video with the complete translation into english will win a Wayuu Mochila!  You must be in the USA to win.

Where in the World

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It is our mission at Buena Onda to bring the Wayuu every corner of the globe.  Today I am in Cologne exploring the city and looking for people to partner with in order to get our story out to the masses.  If you know of any shop or business that would be interested in carrying the Buena Onda brand please drop us an email!

Firefly Festival

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Firefly was a magical festival in Dover, Delaware.   Buena Onda arrived early on the first day and split the booth with our good friend Sultana and her Jewelry Company - Sultana Maria Jewelry.  It was such a happy and joyous experience, especially since we ran the Buena Onda open mic right out of our vending space.  People ended up loving this idea and during the course of the weekend we had over 30 participants.  Check out the videos below to see all of our amazing new friends playing!


Shaky Knees Festival

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Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta

Shaky Knees Festival was an awesome experience this year.  The Buena Onda crew had such a wonderful time sharing the Wayuu story, making new friends, and listening to some awesome music!!!

Kevin Kennedy iii playing a quick set a the Buena Onda booth.

Kevin Kennedy iii playing a quick set a the Buena Onda booth.

Kevin Kennedy iii even stopped by to play a few songs off his new album "Umami."  You can check out his album at www.kevinkennedyiii.com.