Music Festivals

Hanging in Lincoln, Nebraska

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In between one festival and another we stopped in Lincoln, Nebraska.   On the next Buena Onda stopped by the Beer Fest at "The Bay", which includes a skatepark and a clothing store. They also support the non-profit organization "Skate for Change" (SFC), which is dedicated to youth empowerment and helping communities through action.


This Café has a charming atmosphere and probably the best coffee you can find around Lincoln.  Make sure to visit!  We thought it was the perfect setting for our one of a kind Buena Onda Mochilas. 

Buena Onda is in the Spotlight

Music FestivalsKevin KennedyComment

Kevin Kennedy iii just released his fourth music video single, Heat of Alabama, from my debut album Umami. The song was recorded in at the Brewery Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY.  Heat of Alabama is a beachy mix of country story telling and hip hop beats which lyrically take place at the Gulf Shore. 

The music video was shot at the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, AL during the 2015 and 2016 events. I am also an advocate for the Buena Onda company (www.thebuenaonda.com) which uses social enterprise to bring love, community ties, and empowerment to the Wayuu People of Colombia. In the video you can see a large assortment of Wayuu products, plus you get a sneak peek on what it takes to run a merchandise booth at a festival. Buena Onda actually sold at over 9 major music festivals across the USA this year so this video was a perfect opportunity to spotlight the brand.