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It is our mission at Buena Onda to bring the Wayuu every corner of the globe.  Today I am in Cologne exploring the city and looking for people to partner with in order to get our story out to the masses.  If you know of any shop or business that would be interested in carrying the Buena Onda brand please drop us an email!

Thank you Megan!

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Buena Onda would like to take the opportunity to thank Megan Miller (@meg_millz6) for her amazing work as our intern.  Megan is moving on to a full-time HR position and we wish her all the best.  We know she will be successful in all her endeavors.  With that being said, Buena Onda is looking for new summer interns so if you have any interest please contact TheBuenaOnda@gmail.com.  #thebuenaonda #buenaonda #internships  #wayuumochilas #newcompany #work  #beoneofakind 

Buena Onda at El Horno

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Today was amazing!  Buena Onda got to hangout at El Horno, which is a local Wayuu rancheria.  El Horno means "The Oven."  Let me tell you, it was hot!  La Guajira is an extremely dry and arid area of Colombia.  However, we were able to keep cool by swimming in the ocean which was about a kilometer walk from El Horno.  We also got to see how Wayuu Mochilas are made at El Horno.  We would like to give a big thanks to Amelia's family for giving us a wonderful Wayuu experience!

el horno.jpg

Wayuu Rancheria

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This house is a typical Wayuu design.  It is made of earth and logs.  The La Guarija terrain is extremely arid and dry.  The Wayuu congregate in communities called Wayuu Rancherias.  It is here at the famous Wayuu mochila is made by hand.  

wayuu ranchera.jpg

How do you make a Wayuu Mochila?

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Wayuu mochilas are not made on a loom.  That means that, every pattern is carefully planned out in advance.  Once the pattern is chosen the Wayuu woman will use a counting process that allows her to execute the design.  In this video you will see how Amelia constructs a perfect pattern.  Wayuu mochilas are truly a work of art!

Buena Onda in the Kitchen

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The Wayuu kitchen is where you can find fresh fish being cooked up on a daily bases.  Basic Wayuu diets consist of goats, rice, corn, yucca, and fish.  Most of the diets depend on where exactly in La Guajira the Wayuu live.  For example, if the Wayuu Rancheria is close to the Carribean Coastline then their diet would consist more of fish and seafood.  Whereas the rancherias further inland consist of goats and chickens.

wayuu kitchen.jpg

Buena Onda and the Mid-West Night Fly

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Buena Onda was in St. Louis this week for the Mid-West Night Fly Event.  A first year water sports festival that was unlike any other.  It was a perfect event for waterskiers, wakeboarders, and water enthusasts alike.  Not to mention, a great opportunity for Buena Onda to get some exposure on our Wayuu mochilas and products.  Thank you so much Mid-West Night Fly for having us!

Mid-west Night Fly