Buena Onda at REMAR Orphanage

Kevin KennedyComment

Buena Onda is at REMAR Orphanage in El Tunco, El Salvador this week.  This safe haven takes in orphans and abused children from all over the country.  There is 80 children here now, with another 30 being added today!  There is a lot of work to be done here and that is why all proceeds from Buena Onda sales made in the next 2 days will go directly to the Orphanage.  So what better time to buy a Buena Onda mochila!  


REMAR has a great vision to become completely self-sustainable by creating different projects to raise money.  This year a bakery, art shop, and tienda that will sell products to the town of El Tunco.  Also, all of the chickens, tilapia, and pigs raised on the grounds are used for feeding the children and selling to the local community.  Unlike, many places that are run completely on donations, REMAR believes that they can grow as a community and in turn help other communities and outreach programs.  In fact, the orphanage is connected to over 12 other locations in El Salvador that include orphanages, women shetlers, and recovery programs for acoholics and drug abusers. They believe in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through ACTIONS and LOVE.


It is important to keep in mind, no one that works at the orphanage takes a salary or stipend.  The families that live at the orphanage partake in the same food, lifestyle, and comforts that the children do.  It really is an amazing community of love. 


This Orphanage also provides school for the local children of El Tunco.  This creats an environment that is prositive and intergrated with the local community.  


How can you help?  Just buy a Buena Onda mochila that is completely handmade by the Wayuu People of Colombia.  These beautiful Wayuu Mochilas are all one of a kind and are not replicated - but you already knew that :)  


For more information please email us at TheBuenaOnda@gmail.com.