Our New One of a Kind Model: Maria Paula Dangond Arteta

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The Buena Onda spotlight is on Maria Paula Dangond Arteta.  She is our newest model at Buena Onda and she truly is one of a kind.  Read her story below:

"I live in Barranquilla, Colombia, a city dreamed by those who haven't seen it, and never forgotten by those who have. In Barranquilla, you will meet happiness face to face.

I currently studying Fashion Marketing and communication in Lasalle College, so I can build a strong foundation for my professional journey.  However, I expect to enrich my knowledge with other more specific disciplines within Fashion marketing.

Whenever, I have time to spare, you can find me listening to jazz music. However, one of my passions in fashion is using my makeup skills to work. Usually, my friends ask me to help them get ready and gorgeous for different events.  I am always excited to help because I genuinely adore having fun with colors, hair, and makeup.  When its not my friends, I enjoy trying new stuff and playing with the colors on myself.  I can honestly say, makeup is one of my biggest joys. 

As common as it may sound spending time with my friends and family is a really big part of my life. I really appreciate those moments around them as one of my favorites things in the world. However, I think that better than family and friends, is family and friends around a table full of delicious all kinds of food.

Last but not least, I love investing my time into foundations that help impoverished children. When you put a smile on their faces, they'll make sure to put one on your heart.  

I always discover something special about each and every person I meet.  I've always dreamed of being a very successful woman, who pursued her love for fashion, while helping other people find their looks according to their personality.  I want to help people speak through their clothes, and feel through their looks.

I dream about having a big and happy family, with whom I'd have time to share.  I want to be able to find balance between those two big dreams: a family and a job. However, without even having that family yet... I already know they'll be my number one priority.  I hope that all my future kids and I can always be a kind hand to anybody who needs it, because I think life is nothing if you're not helping your neighbor.

Me gusta Buena Onda, por la sencilla razón de aportar un granito de arena a la evolución de la cultura colombiana, por valorar a las mujeres trabajadoras de nuestra tierra, por crea una campana de consumo responsable y por llevar el amor colombiano a distintas partes del mundo." 

-Maria Paula Dangond Arteta-

Maria Paula Dangond Arteta

Maria Paula Dangond Arteta