Buena Onda and Boho Bunnie

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Boho Bunnie wearing a Buena Onda Wayuu Dress

We would like to thank the Bohemian Bunnie, Andrea Whitt, for writing a piece on Buena Onda.  Andrea is a a musician, artist, bohemian fashion lover, vegan, cocktail enthusiast, yogi & animal lover. When she is not on tour with Shania Twain in Las Vegas, you can find me at home in sunny Los Angeles.  And of course her photos turned out beautifully.  Be sure to check out her blog.

"There’s something magical about wearing an item that is completely handmade. It has a true story to tell and a journey that started in the hands of the artisan. The artisans that craft these handwoven dresses are indigenous people of the Wayuu tribe in northern Colombia. The women of the tribe spend their days crafting dresses and mochila bags entirely by hand without a loom. Days or weeks are spent creating each stitch and knot while the dress comes to life in the hands of a woman thousands of miles away. The Buena Onda (the good wave) supports these women and by making these gorgeous items available to purchase around the world." - Andrea Whitt

Be sure to follow Andrea at www.BohoBunnie.com or on instagram: @BohoBunnie.  She always has great fashion and style tips to give out.

Boho Bunnie rocking a Buena Onda Dress