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Hanging in Lincoln, Nebraska

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In between one festival and another we stopped in Lincoln, Nebraska.   On the next Buena Onda stopped by the Beer Fest at "The Bay", which includes a skatepark and a clothing store. They also support the non-profit organization "Skate for Change" (SFC), which is dedicated to youth empowerment and helping communities through action.


This Café has a charming atmosphere and probably the best coffee you can find around Lincoln.  Make sure to visit!  We thought it was the perfect setting for our one of a kind Buena Onda Mochilas. 

Moroccan Adventures

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Buena Onda is looking for some inspiration in Morocco.  In the Le Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech.  The design and architecture in this culture is so amazing.  Stay tuned for more awesome photos from Buena Onda and the Wayuu People.  

Le Jardin Majorelle and Buena Onda

Le Jardin Majorelle and Buena Onda

Buena Adventures

Buena Adventures

Black Friday is Here!!!

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Black Friday

Oh yeah!!! Black Friday is here!  Are you stressed about the holiday season, have no fear because Buena Onda is here.  We are looking to help make your holiday shopping easy this year by providing amazing handmade products from the Wayuu People of Colombia.  Everything we sell is fair-trade and one of a kind.  The best part is we work directly with each Wayuu Family.

On the Road Again

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Buena Onda has been traveling all over the USA this year!  We have had so much fun sharing the Wayuu story and making so many amazing friends along the way.  We are excited to be in ALABAMA today!

Buena Onda in Alabama