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Hanging in Lincoln, Nebraska

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In between one festival and another we stopped in Lincoln, Nebraska.   On the next Buena Onda stopped by the Beer Fest at "The Bay", which includes a skatepark and a clothing store. They also support the non-profit organization "Skate for Change" (SFC), which is dedicated to youth empowerment and helping communities through action.


This Café has a charming atmosphere and probably the best coffee you can find around Lincoln.  Make sure to visit!  We thought it was the perfect setting for our one of a kind Buena Onda Mochilas. 

Feliz Navidad from Buena Onda

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Feliz Navidad from Buena Onda!

Feliz Navidad from Buena Onda!

Buena Onda would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!  Feliz Navidad!  We hope everyone is have a happy holiday season with their friends and family.  God Bless and we will see you in the New Year!

If you are still looking for great Christmas presents please check out our Wayuu Mochilas, Wayuu Dresses, Wayuu Clutches, Wayuu Bracelets, and Wayuu Belts.

Santa Loves Wayuu Mochilas

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Even Santa Claus Loves Wayuu Mochilas.

Even Santa Claus Loves Wayuu Mochilas.

Merry Christmas Eve from Buena Onda!  So we were talking to Santa recently and we realized he loves Wayuu Mochilas.  In fact, we found out his "red bag" is actually a Wayuu Mochila!  We hope you were good this year, because Santa only delivers Buena Onda products  to the good girls and boys of the world.

Cole wins Nationals

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Cole Kalkbrenner

We want to congratulation our sponsored athlete Cole Kalkbrenner on winning the Men's jump at the National Competition this year.  Cole embodies the Buena Onda lifestyle by being one of a kind in everything he does.  Check out the video below of his amazing jump!

Wayuu Rancheria

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This house is a typical Wayuu design.  It is made of earth and logs.  The La Guarija terrain is extremely arid and dry.  The Wayuu congregate in communities called Wayuu Rancherias.  It is here at the famous Wayuu mochila is made by hand.  

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